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At The Vintage Fur Outlet we take pride in providing excellent and distinctive customer service as well as quality unique products at a competitive price. Because of this, first time buyers often become lifetime customers. We look forward to receiving feedback and will strive to answer any questions and resolve any issues. Please review the testimonials below and see what our customers have to say about our service.



My coat was delivered. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Thank you 🙏

- February 2021 - Dominique - New York, NY

Hello. We received the coat. My wife loved it and my 8 year old daughter is extremely jealous so it is a winner. Great job. Look forward to doing business in the future.

- February 2021 - Malik - Manchester, UK

I received the coat today, and I absolutely love it. It appears to be in great shape, it feels soo... good, it fits perfectly, the style is exactly what I expected, and the color is great. I was very hesitant to buy a "used" fur, but it was the only way I could get the style I wanted. I am so thankful I did. Your company was incredibly helpful and trustworthy. Thank you so much.

- February 2021 - Stacy - London, UK

MY coat has arrived and it is STUNNING!!! Thank you, Ollie, for helping make this happen and for always keeping your sense of humor;) ... I love gray and I love a little bling, so this is perfect!

- February, 2021 - Dee - Norway

Thanks again The Vintage Fur Outlet, I was on pins & needles. The coat arrived Wednesday as promised. I had to open it to see what it looked like before I presented it to my wife. I was very pleased with the product. It came just as described. When my wife opened it Friday (her birthday), she was shocked to say least. The moment of truth came, she tried it on and it was perfect! Thank you again for helping me out. Your experience and patience was greatly appreciated, as I navigated this process to shop on your store. I look forward to working with you again in the future

- February, 2021 - Greg - Boston, MA

I'm engaged with simply how immaculate this piece is. Your coats are by far the best presentation I've ever seen. To open that box and find a gift wrapped box. is a step well above and beyond – just classy as could be. I thank you for assisting and making it possible to have this jacket,

- January, 2021 - Brad - Amsterdam, NL

The coat arrived late Saturday evening as stated. When I opened the box and saw the mink coat I was so elated. The coat is stunning and fits perfectly! Can hardly wait to wear it around Boston! Thank you.

- January 2021 - Terri - Dedham, MA

Got my coat yesterday. LOVE IT!!! Thanks

- January 2021 - Gwyn - Rotterdam, NL

I got my coat today and I luv it thank you so much

- January 2021 - Monica - Las Vegas, NV

I got my coat today. I'm in LOVE! Thanks!

- January 2021 - La Wanda - Jamaica, NY

Thank you, The Vintage Fur Outlet, it arrived today (Monday)! And I love it!!!Thank you so much, and happy holidays to you!!

- December 2020 - Paulette - Los Angeles, CA

Thank you I love the mink and now I feel comfortable ordering online. Merry Christmas

- December 2020 - Kyla - Westwood, NJ

I ordered the coat online. i love it. the pelts are beautiful. the coat is great. thank you!

- December 2020 - Allyson - Newport Beach CA

Hello, Thank you for the follow up/voicemail. I received the coat. It's beautiful. 😁 Thank you again,

- December 2020 - Stacie - Philadelphia PA

l got the coat today and extremely happy with it. Thank you very much. It is a Christmas gift to myself. I had bypass surgery in June so l treated myself. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- December 2020 - Earlean - Illinois

Received the sheared beaver jacket. Beautiful! Thank you.

- November 2020 - Robert - Alaska

I just received my mink coat and am so excited! It is absolutely gorgeous and there is no telling that it is not brand new. The way it was packaged was very professional and you even included a heavy duty hanger and cloth storage bag. You were great to do business with. Thank you for helping me feel like a queen this holiday season.

- November 2020 - Louette - Boston, MA

I have received the beautiful coat. This was a gift for my mother and she is overjoyed with the coat. She loves it! I am pleased with the process, with the immediate communication received from you and I look forward to doing business with your company again in the future.

- August 2020 - Minnie - Buffalo, NY

4 words - In Love Thank You.....Seriously...I love it and can't wait to show it off. It is so different and unique (in my opinion). I'm sure I will get a ton of compliments on it. Thanks again and I will definitely refer you to my friends.

- August 2020 - Kimberly - Chicago, Illinois

Hi, I received the jacket today, and letting you know it is beautiful and fits well. It’s a keeper. Thanks so much.

- January 2020 - Linda - Brooklyn, New York

The Vintage Fur Outlet and its staff are just wonderful. I couldn't decide between 2 coats, and they patiently worked with me to make sure I was happy, providing excellent information and advice. As a result, I now have the most gorgeous mink coat of my dreams, that I will love forever! I cannot say enough good things about the quality of their furs, fast shipping, and especially their outstanding customer service. Thank You, Thank You!

- January 2020 - Tatyana - New York

Good Afternoon, My coat was delivered a little while ago and the cold weather was great for the fur. The mink is a very good quality and the lovely swing is so feminine. The coat is absolutely perfect for me (and an absolute steal). Thank you again for all of your input and assistance.

- January 2020 Loleta Washinton DC

The fur arrived today. It’s beautiful and I love it! Thank you!!

- December, 2019 Jeannie - Cornwall, UK

I was extremely pleased with the fur I purchased. It arrived in a beautiful box and was all that it was advertised to be. Thank you.

- December, 2019 Lauren - London, UK

Oh my goodness!!! It's perfect. THEE most beautiful fur. I can't even breathe. Thankyouu

- December, 2019 Sandy - Cornwall, UK

She absolutely loves the coat. The packaging was top notch, the fur hanger and bag really made it even more special. A true online luxury shopping experience. Very very pleased with all your help and the quality of everything. I’ve already been telling a few friends to check you out.

- November, 2019 Scott - London, UK

I received my jacket yesterday and I just want to thank you very much, it's beautiful! I bought it as a gift for my mother-in-law so I was so pleasantly surprised that it was in a box with a bow on it! I thought that was such a beautiful touch and it's gonna make it even better to present it to my mother-in-law, thank you so much Happy Thanksgiving

- November, 2019 Venee - Norway

I also want to thank you for such great shopping experience. You have gained a customer for life. Happy Thanksgiving.

- November, 2019 Dominique New York City, NY

I got my coat! It fits perfect. I love it. The color is great on me. I find it strange that i was not in the market for a coat. I have no idea how I got to your website. I did not even look at any other websites. This is a dream come true. I never thought I would own a mink this beautiful. I am going to try to stay humble and not be a show off. 😊Thank you so much for all of your assistance. You made this such a pleasant experience. I will be back for another coat. When I calm down I will post my experience on your website reviews. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

- November 2019 - Poland

My coat have arrived and I am in love with my beautiful checkerboard mink. It fits perfectly! It's absolutely gorgeous. I appreciate the care you took in packing and shipping it. That means a lot to me. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Sincerely a happy customer!

- September 2019 - Budapest, HU

Just got the UPS package and I love this fur. It fits perfectly and will be great dressy or with jeans. I am going on an Alaska cruse in September and I will be taking it with me. Thanks for all your help you have been so helpful and I appreciate your helping me through that maze of fur's. Maybe I look for a fun fur later this year at these prices I can afford more.

-  August 2019 - Connie - Texas

I just received it a little while ago, had to wait until being alone to open . I just about fell over, it is GORGEOUS!!!!! My sister is going to just flip. I don't now if I can wait until Christmas to give it to her, may have to be a little early . Thank You so much!!!

- August 2019

Dear The Vintage Fur Outlet, I received the beautiful coat, It is everything you said it is. I could not open it at work so, was just dying to get home. Could not be more pleased! Take Care, Colleen

- August 2019 - Colleen - Ohio

I just received my reversible stroller and I am SO happy!!! The shipping was so fast! It is just as described. Wearing it is mucho snugly! I feel like a million bucks! Your website is a wonderful tool for finding just the right garment. I am forever grateful! YAY!!!

- February 2019 - Anita - New York

Just want to commend The Vintage Fur Outlet for excellent customer service ...I received my purchase today (in one day) I love my coat and appreciate the excellent customer care, already directed a friend to the site a world of lackadaisical customer service this whole process was a great experience ❤️

- January 2019 - Jeannette - Ohio

Good morning!! I am actually in DC for the annual Mardi-Gras Ball and it’s snowing so the coat was a great decision. I flew home yesterday from Dallas to pick up my other luggage and of course the coat, then flew to DC last night. I held my breath hoping it would be as beautiful as I hoped and it would fit! It is beyond BEAUTIFUL!!! I already have had several ladies walk up to me to tell me it is a beautiful coat. And it fits perfect. Thank you for everything you did to help me find the perfect coat for me, and then alter it and ensure I received it in time. You have been absolutely amazing to work with. Now I understand why you have the great reviews you do. Count me in that number! Thank you a million times!!!

- January 2019 - Adrianne - Louisana

OMG!!! I just received my mink coat it is BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!!! I own my own business and I will absolutely recommend your company to everyone I see and know.. Thank you so much..

- January 2019 - Susan - Pennsylvania

Thank you for your prompt service! Looking forward to the fur jackets arrival. I hope it fits well- so I can give it a good home and enjoy it for many years to come. I’m impressed with your preowned furs - but especially your service. I have given four people the Vintage Fur Outlet name so they can go to your online store - so I hope you receive a little more business. Warmly Carol

- January 2019 - Carol - Michigan

Just want to let you guys know, I bought from you that shaved beaver coat with the striped colors and had it altered to remove that elastic at sleeves and bottom. It looks fabulous. That you so much for the opportunity to purchase this lovely fur. I love it.

- January 2019 - Lori - Michigan

Just received the new coat today and my wife is absolutely thrilled! The attention to detail in the packaging made just as big of an impression as the coat itself. ...Thanks again for such a wonderful coat.

- December 2018 - David - London, UK

My coat arrived today and I absolutely LOVE it! Gorgeous and in excellent condition and I am thrilled! (Other than the fact the my husband says it goes back into the box until Christmas!). The presentation was lovely and everything you presented the coat to be was spot on! I love to deal with honest reliable people and you guys have raised the bar! Thanks so much !!

- December 2018 - Lisa - Newquay, UK

Thanks so much ! I love the personal touch you provide to the internet shopping experience! Really means a lot in this day and age! You should be very proud of this company-you are one in a million! Will let you know the moment I try it on! Have a great weekend.

- December 2018 - Lisa - North Carolina

It is gorgeous. And it fits! Thank you so much.

- December 2018 - Deborah - UK

I've wanted a fur my whole life. Just opened my box and I'm SO excited!! As a single mom, I needed to find a good deal on a coat. I was a bit nervous trying a pre-owned coat. It is SO SO beautiful! Beautifully wrapped too. Couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!

- December 2018 - Maria - UK

Did I pick the correct year to purchase my shearling??? Omy. Been so cold and I’m toasty. Even went to the Christmas parade. May bring a girlfriend over. I’ve got so many compliments and I say well I really don’t like winter and this coat is helping me tolerate it!! Thanks again.

- December 2018 - Teresa - Illinois

Thank you so much, I received the coat today and it is beautiful. Thank you also for the hanger and the garment bag, I was just wondering about ordering one. Thanks again for your help and the initials inside the jacket is just the cherry on top.

- November 2018 - Hattie - Georgia

Thanks Fur Outlet, I love the new fur and I know I will enjoy it for years. Thanks for the credit back and all my wishes for you and your staff for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

- November 2018 - Connie - Texas

Thank you very much. I will just need tracking information when shipped. I have enjoyed the process with you all and customer service has been impeccable! Many thanks!

- April 2018 - Joshua - Georgia

Hi Vintage Fur Outlet. Your description did not lie, it is indeed, Lovely. I really couldn’t be more pleased with the fur and your exceptional service. Now, if it could just be a bit colder so I can wear it, all would be perfect. Thank you so much!

- October 2017 - Beth - Chicago


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We offer free returns on all of our vintage fur coats! If you don’t like the style or fit of your coat we will gladly send you a full refund for your order or help you find another coat to suit.

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